Commercial Automobiles


Open office culture, easy accessibility and innovative HR practices comprise the Commercial culture. Our Human Resources team views an employee as an "internal customer" and strives to deliver maximum satisfaction to him through transparent, sensitive and innovative HR practices. Participative management, team work, communication and information sharing are the pillars of employee-management relationship.

Our open office culture has a flat organizational structure with various levels of responsibilities via Managing Directors, Division Heads and Department Heads. Carrying the philosophy forward, we have an open office, uniforms and a canteen for all to create an environment of trust, transparency and a sense of belonging amongst employees.


Commercial offers one of the best environments to learn and grow and to be associated with some of the best processes and methods in the business of automotive industry. Apart from this, the company offers many services like Finance, Insurance, Customer Services and lots more.

As with any progressive growth , Commercial 'listens' to employees and acts on the feedback. Many innovative schemes and practices through the years are results of having a good communication system across the organization.

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